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How Do The Pricing Plans Work?
How Do The Pricing Plans Work?
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From the tiny student film to the giant Hollywood feature, our goal is to make SetHero accessible for all projects. 

Our pricing scales based on the size of projects you plan on producing.  We measure project size in two ways: the number of people (cast & crew) working on the project and the number of days that you'll be shooting.  

The number of shooting days you upgrade to is essentially the maximum number of days you can add to your shooting schedule.  It is not based on how many days out of the month you can USE SetHero, rather it's simply how many shooting days (i.e. call sheets) you can have in your schedule.  

One-Time Pricing

We offer one-time per-project pricing.  This means you pay once for every project, rather than paying for a monthly subscription.  This is especially ideal if you are producing a larger project (like a feature film) or if you just have one project you want to use SetHero for.

Monthly Pricing

For companies that produce a lot of projects on a regular basis, our monthly pricing is the way to go!  Choose a plan that lines up with the approximate size of projects you tend to produce and then you can pay that rate every month to have unlimited access to SetHero!   You can upgrade plans or add additional people / days at any time with no extra upgrade fees.

Both our one-time pricing and our monthly pricing are scaled based on the approximate size of your shoots, so it's recommended that you choose the plan that seems to be the proper size for the kind of projects that you are producing. 

To calculate the cost of your project, visit

If you have special features you need added or a custom pricing package, please contact us using this form:

If you have suggestions about how our pricing plans can better serve your needs, please contact us; we'd love to hear from you!

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