Exporting Data
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You can export any of the following data from SetHero:

  • People List

  • Cast List

  • Crew List

  • Scenes List

  • Locations List

To export, simply follow these steps:

  • 1) Visit the page of the list you’d like to export.  For instance, to export the scene list, visit the “Scenes” page.

  • 2) In the blue header bar, click on the “Export” button and select the option from the dropdown menu.

  • 3) The file should begin downloading within a couple of seconds.

NOTE: As of June 2016, exporting does NOT work in the Safari browser.  This is due to some limitations within Safari.  If you need to download from SetHero, we recommend using the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

 Please note that exporting will only include the visible records / columns.  Meaning that if you hide certain columns or filter the table so that only certain rows are showing, only those rows / columns will be included in the export.  Similarly, if you have so many records so that they are split across multiple pages, you will need to export each “page” of records individually.

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