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Setting Individual Crew Call Times
Setting Individual Crew Call Times

Add precalls or delayed calls for individual crew members or entire departments

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Precalls can be added to an entire department or to individual crew members.  To begin, make sure you are in the build view for a call sheet.  Get to this view by clicking on the “Call Sheets” tab on the left menu and then clicking the coral “Edit” button for the desired call sheet.

Once on the call sheet building page, click on the “clock” icon to go to the “precalls” tab:

You should see all departments and their crew members listed out in a hierarchy.  To add a department precall, click the “Add Precall” button to the right of a department’s name.  This precall will apply to all members of the department that do not have an individual precall set.

Editing A Precall Value

Once you’ve clicked the “Add Precall” button next to a department or individual’s name, you’ll be able to edit the duration of the precall.  For example, to precall by 30 minutes, type “30min”.  To precall by 1.5 hours, type “1hr 30min”.  Precalls are calculated based on the general crew call time, so if you change the general call time, all crew call times will automatically update.  

If you would like to “invert” a precall so that someone is called later than the general crew call, click on the “delay” text to the right of the precall text box.

If you would like to mark someone as “OFF” or “O/C” or anything else, click on the “Text” button directly underneath the precall text field.  This will toggle the precall type to be a text value instead of a time value:

Preview the Precalls

You can see live previews of the calculated precall times directly to the right of each person’s name on the precall tab and also on the back of the call sheet.

Removing Precall(s)

To remove an individual or department precall, click on the "X" to the left of the precall text box.  To remove all precalls from the current call sheet, click on the gear icon on the top right of the “Precalls” tab in the call sheet builder and select “Clear all precalls” from the dropdown menu:

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