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Removing someone from the call sheet
Removing someone from the call sheet

How to hide a crew members so that they are not listed on the call sheet

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It is a fairly obvious thing to say: usually not every crew member needs to be on every call sheet.  Most projects will need to add or remove people from the call sheet from time to time.  So, we've made this pretty easy to do, and this article will explain how!

First of all, go into the "edit" view of the call sheet you wish to edit.  

Next, go to the "Crew" section of the call sheet editor.  It should look roughly like this:

On this page, all your existing crew members are listed by default.  When you create a new crew member, they will automatically appear here. But what if you don't want them to appear on the call sheet?  Simple!  Just hide them!

Hiding a Crew Member

To hide someone, hover your mouse over the crew member's name.  Then you should see an eye icon appear to the far left of that row.  Click on the eye icon to hide that crew member.

Once hidden, their name will disappear from the call sheet and will look crossed out and faded in the editing area, just like this:

While people who are hidden are not visible on the call sheet document, you can still choose to select them as recipients when publishing the call sheet.  If you do this, they will receive the call sheet just like everyone else except that their call time listed in their personalized email / text message will be "N/A".

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