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Questions about how the tool works, pricing / billing, account cancelation, and more!

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We'll answer some of the most common questions about the Movie Magic Scheduling to Excel exporter, including pricing, usage, errors, and more!

What data does this tool allow you to export?

The MMS (Movie Magic Scheduling) to Excel export tool is designed to help you get all of your scene breakdown data out of Movie Magic Scheduling and into a fully editable Excel file. Thus, it currently only exports to scene breakdown data. While you cannot export your schedule or one-liner through this tool, if you already have a schedule created in Movie Magic, you will see that there are two columns included in the export data called "Strip #" and "Shoot Day". Using this column data, you can sort your scenes by scheduled shooting day and strip order.

How much does it cost?

That's an excellent question! The MMS to Excel export tool is free to use for 14 days. After that, you will be asked to upgrade to continue using the tool. The pricing breaks down as follows:

Pricing is $9/month or $99/year

If you wish to upgrade your subscription, you can do so by following these links:

During checkout, make sure to use the same email address that you plan to use when downloading files from the converter.

How do I log in to my account? Where do I set my password?

We designed this tool to be as simple as possible. Thus, you do not need to create an official "account" with us, and neither do you need to specify a password.

When you upgrade your subscription to the paid plan, we mark the email address you provided as "upgraded" in our system, thereby giving you full access to the tool when using that email. Every time you complete a file conversion, you'll need to enter the email address you used at checkout to receive your download link. That's it!

How can I cancel my subscription / close my account?

Simply send us a message through the chat box at the lower right of the page or send us an email at requesting for us to cancel your subscription. We will then cancel the PayPal subscription and downgrade your account back to the free tier.

Is this tool free for existing SetHero users?

Yes! If you are currently on an existing paid subscription with SetHero, you are eligible to receive free access to this tool as long as your subscription is active!

For one-time paid projects, free access for a 3 month period of time is also available if requested within 30 days of upgrading the project and if the total value of the project upgrade was greater than $75.

To take advantage of this free access, please email us at and we will process the upgrade internally after reviewing your account.

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