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Customizing Crew Positions / Departments
Customizing Crew Positions / Departments

Add, remove, and re-order your crew department and position lists

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Every project is unique. Sometimes you have lots of crew members and need many departments to keep track of everything. Other times, smaller is better and you'll want just a few departments and crew positions.

SetHero allows you to completely customize your department lists as well as the available positions you list within those departments.

How to customize departments/positions

First off, load your project in SetHero. Then, in the left-hand navigation menu, click on the "Departments" tab.

Once the department page is loaded, you'll see a section for each department. If you click on the arrow next to that department name, you can twirl open the block to see the positons list within.

Add a New Department

To add a new department, click on the "+ Add Department" button at the top of the screen.

Deleting a Department

To delete a department, click the red trash icon that is to the right of that department's section. (Please note that this will delete any positions within that department as well.)

Adding a Position

To add a position, toggle open the department you wish to add the position within. Then click on the "+ Add Position" button. You should see the position added to the end of the list. From here, you can rename the position to be what you wish.

Deleting a Position

To delete a position, click the red words that say "delete" to the right of that position row.

Re-ordering Departments / Positions

To change the order of the departments or positions within a department, click-and-hold the triple bar icon and then drag the item into the new order.

Please note that you can only re-order positions within a single department: you cannot drag positions from one department to another. If you wish to do this, you'll need to create a new position in the new department.

Resetting the Department List

If, for some reason, you want to completely reset the department and position lists back to the default SetHero list, you can click the "Reset" button in the top header. This will delete all existing positions and departments and re-create new positions and departments according to the default list that SetHero comes with.

Please be aware that resetting positions/departments will result in all existing crew positions being unassigned. Meaning, that you will need to reassign all crew members to the new positions.

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