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Merging company contacts
Merging company contacts

Merge duplicate contacts to have one combined record

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When managing your company contacts, you may end up realizing that you have duplicate records for a single contact. This could be from accidentally adding a contact twice or perhaps from doing several imports from a spreadsheet resulting in the contacts being imported several times.

To resolve this, you can of course delete the duplicate records leaving only one. However, if the contacts have already been used across multiple projects, deleting one of the records could cause complications by removing them from that project.

To solve this, there is another option: merging contacts.

Merging Duplicate Contacts

Merge duplicate contacts to have one combined record is easy in SetHero.

1. Find Contacts

The first step is to find the duplicate records in your company contacts.

2. Select the contacts

Next, select the contacts you wish to merge. This can be 2 or more records.

3. Click Merge Button

Once you have the contacts selected, click the "Merge Selected" button in the header.

4. Select Primary Record

The merge contacts modal will open up and here you can choose which contact record's data you wish to keep as the new contact. All the other records will be merged into this, so this primary record should be the record that has the most complete contact information.

(for instance, if one contact has the phone number and the other doesn't, you'll want to select the record with the phone number to prevent the phone number from being erased during merge)

Click the blue button that says "Merge Contacts" to complete the merge. It may take a second for the records to refresh on your screen.

5. Merge complete!

After merging the contacts, the result is a single combined record that has the combined record data and project assignments:

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