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[Video Tutorial] - Customizing Your Call Sheet
[Video Tutorial] - Customizing Your Call Sheet

Learn how to make advanced edits to your call sheet

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Customizing Your Call Sheet

This 3-part series guides you through the essential aspects of customizing your call sheet, covering topics such as key times, meal times, locations, weather data, managing cast and crew, adding notes and custom banners, and adjusting layout settings.

🎬 Part 1 of 3:

Topics covered in part 1:

  • Key times

  • Meal times and head counts

  • Locations

  • Weather data (auto-filling and updating)

  • Editing header information and adding logo

  • Building the shooting schedule and adding scenes

  • Adding custom banners for block shooting

  • Managing cast information and call times

🎬 Part 2 of 3:

Topics covered in part 2:

  • Extras and stand-ins

  • Managing crew calls

  • Setting pre-call durations

  • Customizing call times with text (OFF, O/C, etc)

  • Re-ordering crew members

  • Hiding / removing crew members from call sheet

  • Displaying email addresses and phone numbers

  • Key crew members and key contacts

  • Customizing layout options

  • Reordering / customizing departments

🎬 Part 3 of 3:

Topics covered in part 3:

  • Adding front and back notes

  • Quote of the day section

  • Department-specific notes

  • Production reminders

  • Adding attachments (e.g., script sides, parking diagrams)

  • Customizing call sheet layout (rearranging sections, removing page breaks)

  • Adding custom banners (formatting, icons, styles)

  • Adjusting page settings (size, spacing, header layout)

  • Customizing header (uploading logo)

  • Hack for including multiple logos on the call sheet

  • Downloading PDF, customizing watermark, exporting to Excel

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